Thursday, September 29, 2005

I'm a Yo-Yo

That is, I love yo-yos. Wanna see my yo-yo collection? It's the best ever.


melissa said...

since when do you have a yo-yo collection?

Becky said...

haha, thats what i was thinking. but i really like that brown spiral one. can you do tricks?

Anonymous said...

Of course she can do tricks!!
She is amazing, almost as good as Grandpa Davis.
Yoyoing is actually good for you too.

Jenni said...

I've had a yp-yo collection ever since I became totally amazing, of course!!!

word to your mother said...

That is a WAY awesome picture. I love the way you took it. It's great. oh, and Grandpa's comment made me laugh out loud!!!

Amanda Lee said...

YAY for yo-yos!
I love those pocket yo-yos lol (the gold little one) and I see you might have a Duncan double string (red in the right bottom corner) LOVE IT!
We had clubs in my middle school and I started a yo-yo club... president here! haha
one of my favorite things to do with the cheap ones I have is to let my dog sleep in my real dogs water bowl because it flings water everywhere and screeches! haha

Anonymous said...

Who said that was Grandpa's comment??

Calley said...

Cool. My poor Turbo Bumble Bee wouldn't add any aesthetic value to the picture...the baby's pretty beat up.