Thursday, November 10, 2005

5 Random Things About Me

* I weigh the same today as I did a year ago today -- no more, no less.

* I just learned to do a Backspin Bind (5-minute video) on my butterfly yo-yo. I almost have a Dave Bind.

* I hang my clothes in my closet in rainbow order.

* I had a black guy at work tell me I "had a little soul" in me.

* I made a fanTASTIC cheeseburger last week.


Anonymous said...

Jenni, I didn't know you cooked! You'll have to make me one when you come home!!
Looking forward to it!

Amanda Lee said...

haha... way to go!

Anonymous said...

you're supposed to say you had this really random friend in highschool that always called you henni! you - shoes-on!

melissa said...

i wish i could say i weighed the same!

Becky said...

jenni i loved hearing your voice on my answering machine. It made me miss you a lot!! im going to see you in 6 days!

Anonymous said...

Jenni --- wow!! I wondered what happened to you after the fifth grade!! :) It was so nice to read what all has been happening in your life! :) --- Natalie ... from way back when :) (