Thursday, November 10, 2005

Alright!!! I now have a functioning internet connection. You never realize (or appreciate) how much you become accustomed to something until it's not there and it's at that moment that you know what it meant to your day. Take yo-yos for example: Most of you probably dont' give a yo-yo a moment's notice (did you know that until 1957 (I think), Duncan OWNED the patent on the word "yo-yo"?) but when I have ten minutes with nothing to do, out comes my yo. If they disappeared from my life, I would be bummed.

Ummmm, the philosopher gene just went inactive. Good-bye.


Amanda Lee said...

haha I love yo-yos!!!

Emily said...

Yeah.... note my brand new computer. My old one caused me so much pain that... well... it FELT like i was without it.

I need to go to bed.