Saturday, December 10, 2005

My Maze

It feels as though I'm walking in a maze. My life changes, things evolve, and each turn brings me to...what? Nothing. THere are so many people who have less than I, and here I am complaining.

Wait. I've been here before. It's not a maze. It's...a spiral. When I feel I've just come back to a place I've been before, it's not so. I am in a familiar spot...but at a higher level. It has to be true. I HAVE learned. I HAVE grown. I AM different. And yet...another frustration.

I guess I can safely say that I"m not so unusual in that respect? And still sometimes I feel like the only screw-up. That is how I feel, not who I am. I just have to remember that.


Anonymous said...

It is a spiral, but an upwards one, slow and gradual. You have grown, been blessed, and grown some more.
The growth is proven in the tough times.
It's true, even if we don't understand how-
"All things work together for good..."
Love ya, Jen M

word to your mother said...

J, I love you and am very proud of you. Just give "me" advice in your situations and maybe you'll be able to see things differently.

Anonymous said...

you can do it!! you are amazing...and even when you want to give up you don't!!! God will use you to do great things - I know he will!! love you - I get to see your for Christmas?!