Friday, January 13, 2006

Alright, I have a funny story for you. :)

The other night at work, I was talking to another guard, Mike, and he related this story to me: Apparently, one of the Hispanic housekeeping guys had walked up to him and asked,

"Who is the new security guard"?

The guard, thinking twice, said,

"Why, Juan?"

Juan's reply?


Oh my.


Emily said...


R3dcurlz said...

My best friend and I had tons of "boyfriends" during high school when we worked at this nursery that hired seasonal workers from Mexico. It was fun. Jesus was my primary beau.

Go get 'em, chica!

melissa said...

he's thinking, "too good to be true!"

Anonymous said...

So...What exactly does Mamacita! mean? I'm guessing it is something more than "little mama".
Care to translate for me?? M

Jenni said...

Not sure, but I think he was saying I was hot...or something.

Becky said...

you are definately a mamacita!

Anonymous said...

oww go girl..that..I must say is hilarious...I got that once in walmart...and I practically ran out of the story...something about mamacita freaks me out ...hehe...- shoes on