Monday, July 31, 2006

Life and More Life

Melissa Wright married Kyle Peters on July 22, 2006! I was there, saw it through teary eyes (you know I cried) and was happy for them...They just returned from their honeymoon yesterday I think, and are packing to move on Wednesday of this week. They'll be living in an apartment near their school, Mt. Vernon Nazarene University in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. My sister---married. It's gonna take some getting use to, I think. ;-P

So, I'm still looking for a job. I have a temporary assignment Wednesday, at the Convention Center (oh, bitter irony...) but past that I'm still searching. Pray I find something enjoyable and permanent that will pay my bills!

It's very hot here in it's been 101 degrees, with a heat index (summer's version of a wind chill) of 109. Gross, gross. Humid, too, of course. I'm one of the lucky ones with air conditioning so I don't suffer as much at night when I'm trying to sleep, but trying to walk around outside is asking to have to change clothes.


Emily said...

Welcome to Washington for the past week and a half! lol it was 70 today - PERFECT! I DO NOT miss those 100 degree days!!

Anonymous said...

congratulations to them...and I think I missed you!! you came home and I was in Ny...sniff sniff