Saturday, August 05, 2006

Poor Baby

So 'Liyah is back in the hospital. This last week she's been drooling a lot, acting uncomfortable and not drinking much, which was leading to no wet diapers, etc. Weird, ungood things. Then two or three days ago my mom noticed little blisters on the backs of her hands and the tops of her knees. She thought that was weird and was keeping an eye on it...her temperature was remaining normal so that was good... Then yesterday morning when she woke up the blisters had disappeared and had been replaced by small black spots, like little moles. When the nurse came to change her dressings she saw these and called 'Liyah's doctor at Children's, and he advised that she be brought into the ER. My dad took her in and in the ER the dr's found more blisters on her tongue, big ones, and decided to admit her. My understanding is that the decision to admit was largely because of how quickly her condition deteriorated when she was sick last time, and they wanted to head off anything similar by administering antibiotics, etc. Apparently they had a heck of a time getting an IV started because she was dehydrated and her veins weren't cooperating, but that is all I know. I will keep you all updated as more information comes available, and in the meantime please pray for wisdom for her doctors and also for her quick recovery. Thanks a ton.

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