Monday, November 06, 2006

I got this one in my journal...

So I'm doing this guided journal for a has daily writing prompts in it, and one prompt I got last week really stumped me. It was "How can you tell when somebody loves you?" and I was amazed at how hard it was. One way I can tell someone loves me is when they do something for me that I can tell took forethought and planning. How can YOU tell when somebody loves you?


R3dcurlz said...

I'm guessing that that makes you "Acts of Service" in the Five Love Languages.

My primary is Quality Time.

It's fun learning how you relate to others, huh?

Emily said...

good question. I can tell when... wow, when CAN I tell? The 5 love languages are nice, but... what happens when you're all 5?

this is really bothering me. Well, the most frustration I have felt in my past relationships is when I have not been a priority. I want the person to think of me and prove to me that I am valuable in their life. How?? Calling. Emailing. IM'ing. Sending a note. Talking to other people about me. So that's words of affirmation.

But I'm not that way in friendships, am I?

I confuse myself. Help!

Emily said...

BTW - you think they have anything like that online? For free? I'm not so good at WRITING.

melissa said...

I can tell someone loves me when they want to spend time with me. Also when they want to hang out even if we are not doing anything especially exciting.