Monday, February 05, 2007

Dear Lord, Help Us All...

This morning I missed my bus and had to walk to the Light Rail Transit station.

It's normally two blocks over and five blocks down, but I went two blocks in the wrong direction first, so modify that to be four over, five down.

When I got off I had to walk four blocks to work.

Oh, and it's -16F.

I might die.


Melanie Woodworth said...

ozllhcGirl, you better make a friend at work who has a car and a big heart! That sounds dangerous! It is wicked here too. All the schools are closed today if you can believe that, because of the cold. It's 9 right now, but the am it was zero or less I guess. They don't know what it's like there apparently. Stay warm and cover up your nose.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Marie you are scaring your mother!! And that is not nice.
You need to drive on days like that. The professionals say that 5 min. of -15 "windchill" on exposed skin is enough to start frostbite. Do you have black skin hanging off your face now?
If not, God protected you cause he has mercy for the thickheaded ;) Love you, M

Emily said...

Your mom is REALLY funny. I like her.


themuttprincess said...

I live in MN as well and there IS NOT a snowballs chance I would walk outside for that long in this cold. Im thinking you are tougher than me. Next time I would call in sick. Better to be safe than sorry.

Matt said...

Hmmmmm...maybe 10 minutes in the microwave would help the thawing process. Just remember to use the thaw setting...or maybe frozen entree. O.o