Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I think I figured out elevators.

No, I'm not crazy. At least, I don't think I am.

Here's the deal. I've noticed that when an elevator is going up, it dings once when the door opens, and when it's going down, it dings twice when the door opens. Is this an ADA thing? Well, if I'm right, then if I ever go blind I'll know which direction I"m heading in when I step on to an elevator.


Emily said...

I'm SO paying attention to this from now on.

Matt said...

I've never noticed that...interesting!

Jenni said...

Ha! Check this out: and look at item 4.10.4. I was right!

Matt said...

I'd like to hear an elevator that actually says up or down instead of the dings. :D

Becky said...

my sister is very observant.

AND if you go blind you will also be able to read since you taught yourself braille. or brale. brail. brayl.

just kidding.