Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thanks for coming along!

So last night I was out running. This week I run 9 minutes, walk 1, and then repeat twice more, for a total of 30 minutes. The first two sets of 9 and 1 are always easier than the third set. Usually by the third set I'm starting to think Well, if I stop a few minutes early today, it's no big deal, right? But last night I decided to pull a tried-and-true trick out of my "I'm tired and want to be done but time's not up yet" bag. I let my family join me.

First out came my dad and his parents. My dad whistled as I went by and shortly down the line was my grandma in her jean shorts and knee brace and camera cheering, "Go, Jenni!" and my grandpa right next to her saying "Go, girl!"

Just after them was my mom with her fists in the air hollering "Woohoo! Go Jenni!" and my grandma yelling the same thing while my grandpa stood next to her with his fishing hat on, shaking his head and saying in his slow drawl, "Well, shooooot..."

On the next block was Katie with her boyfriend Cory next to her (I didn't expect Cory. He's never come before!), hollering and carrying on. As I passed by them, Cory lofted a water balloon that splatted on the sidewalk right in front of me and felt so good. THAT made me laugh out loud. Just after Katie and Cory came Becky, hollering about what a hot thing I was and making me feel bashful.

Right next to Becky were Kyle and Melissa being VERY noisy. Kyle even brought pom-poms and was keeping up with me for a little ways, shaking them and yelling "C'mon Jenni, you can do it!!!"

A little ways past Kyle and Melissa, Chris was sitting on the front steps of someone's house with a megaphone and a big grin, screaming "Go Jenni! Yeah!!!" at the sky. Just past him was Jared and a friend (I couldn't tell who) on bikes. They got off their bikes and stretched a streamer across the sidewalk for me to run through (even though I wasn't done yet). And then...

I had only half a block left.

So Jared and his friend got back on their bikes and pedaled to the end of the block and pulled the streamer across again. This time when I crossed it my arms were in the air (for real).

It rocked.


Anonymous said...

Very graphic!!!! Good job. Dad

Katie said...

lol, daddy's funny. I loved it! I was smiling the whole time just imagining what you were imagining. I'm definitely gonna imagine that scene next time I'm exercising and want to quit. Only I'm gonna put in my own versions of that. I LOVED IT!!!!