Saturday, August 11, 2007

I went to the bridge last night and saw what there was to see. It was pretty impacting, to say the least. There are still cars just sitting (or laying, as it were) right were they've been since, say, 6:06pm on August 1st. Anyway, here are some of the pictures I got.

Picture #1: This one was taken from the University Avenue bridge, on the north side. I crossed the street and put my camera down on someone's front step. It is therefore the clearest picture.

Picture #2: This was among the photos I took first, and definitely the ones that are the most haunting. Believe me when I say it's even weirder in person. For this photo I went down below the area you see in Picture #1.

Picture #3: I took a picture of the police cruiser parked right at the site...they are everywhere, mostly to keep an eye out for folks like me who came for a look but might feel a little braver upon arrival. They have arrested scores for crossing the posted barricades.

Picture #4: There is a metal-working factory of some sort right next to the bridge, and the guys out on their break thought I was mighty interesting, squatting down on the ground to take a picture of the bridge. The sight of those light poles jutting out such odd angles, right along with the pavement...

More pics to follow, later.

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Emily said...

Wow, thanks for posting. it's a little different from a real person's perspective than from the news...