Thursday, August 23, 2007

So I get to work this morning and I see that all the lights are out and only Mike Murphy is in the break room making coffee. I went to him and our conversation went something like this,

"Why are all the lights out?"

"Because no one's here, dear."

"Really? That's so weird. It's late. It's eight o'clock."

"Late? It's seven o'clock."

"SEVEN?? What is WRONG with me?"

This morning I'm thinking Man, I need to get to bed earlier if it's this hard to get up in the morning. Little did I know I was AN HOUR EARLY!!

So yeah. Happy Thursday!


Emily said...

LOL - Happy Second Guess Thursday. :)

Matt said...

Way to show your commitment to the job! :D I think you just went in early to put cover sheets on your TPS reports. haha