Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Kitty is Sick and I Don't Know What's Wrong.

Jada's symptoms:
Periodic vomiting * Diarrhea 2 times last Thursday and 2 times last Friday, in litterbox only one time each day. * Eating and drinking less * Not going outside as often * Peed on floor or bed (hers, not mine) two times in five days * Hasn't gone to the bathroom yet all.  (could be a consequence of recent diarrhea?) * Had a low-grade fever on Friday * Nose is warm and dry right now

Total vet bills this week: $152
Vet's findings: Zero
Medicine: Vet gave me something to give her for intestinal irritation/anti-diarrheal
Blood work: Normal

Mama isn't going to lie: she's worried.  But at the same time, if *I* had the same symptoms, I'd figure I had a bug, and just lie low for a few days.  I wouldn't think I was dying.  

So for now I try not to get too upset when I look up and see her straining mightily over my laundry...


Emily said...

oh no... :( Poor poor kittie. Take good good care of her... maybe she just has the flu. Poor baby!

Jenni said...

UPDATE: This morning Jada woke me up asking for more food. Yay!!

Anonymous said...

So is she all better?

Jenni said...

I would say that jada is mostly all better. Every couple of days she'll leave more food in her bowl than I'm comfortable with, but for the most part she's doing pretty good. I'm very glad to report that there has been no more diarrhea or vomiting. :)