Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Today Emily asked me, "So, doing anything special on Thursday?"

My first thought was, Thursday, Thursday...what's Thursday?

Then I realized, Oh.  Right.  My birthday.

I've been doing so much cool stuff this year while working on My Birthday List, that a formal celebration, I told Emily, almost seems superfluous.  I've been celebrating my birthday since February!  More than anything, Thursday simply signifies a change over to a new list of things to do! (I'm accepting ideas, by the way.  Today the idea Learn to Tie a Bow-Tie occurred to me.  I think I'll add it.)

Oh, and I've been reading a book by Nigel Tranter, called Crusader.  Excellent author, Nigel Tranter.  I'll be putting him on the list of authors whose entire works I would like to read.


Emily said...

hahaha ;) I inspired a post. giggle


Brittany said...

I've been meaning to call and this was a good reminder. Do you want to come over and grill on Thurs for your b-day? We can play cards too!! Or whatever you'd like.

If you have better plans (I know how boring we can be, we admit it)we understand but if not we are here!!