Monday, August 30, 2010

A Change of...Everything

I am moving to Ohio in the middle of October. It terrifies me and I'm excited at the same time. Now that I've graduated from college, I really want to start the rest of my life, which for me has to include living near my family. I want to be around for weddings, birthday parties, showers, and the other random get-togethers that I have missed since 1999. As I prepare to move and the process gets rolling, and then as I settle in Ohio and start to put a new life together, I'll post here. Check back, and I'll keep you updated.



Emily said...

Happy!!! And I love blogging. Let's do it more. :)

anne said...

hi jenni - in reality i know this is a good move for you, no more long drives to see those that you love and you'll have a solid base for starting your life. maybe a long drive back here every so often?

Emily said...

Well, I see that you haven't blogged yet, but you've changed your layout... ;)