Saturday, October 02, 2010


I was sitting at a wedding reception with a friend tonight thinking how painful this move is, but how beautiful my life is, and wondering if I would truly appreciate how beautiful it is and has been if I didn't have to say goodbye to it. So that I wouldn't just be sitting there crying, I picked up a pencil and I wrote this poem on the back of a card at the table:

Walking through a fog,
tears blurring EVERYTHING,
every so often I find a daisy,
lit by the sun I'd forgotten was shining.

It ends up coming out a little more focused on the dark stuff, but I think with all the pain of saying goodbye to all of this, I haven't been living in the present much. I've been living in next week. So a reminder of how great it is here hurts, but it's a daisy.

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Amanda Lee said...

I'm glad you are finding the daisy in the moment even though it is painfully and numbingly difficult to leave. You will be missed.
Much love,