Wednesday, October 06, 2010

So. Here is the Plan.

My dad is leaving Ohio on Thursday evening (tomorrow? Jeez...) and driving as long as he can, then stopping and sleeping, then driving the rest of the way to Minneapolis, arriving sometime Friday. Meanwhile I'll have picked up the trailer I have rented and filled it up. Friday we will pack up the van my dad brought, and hopefully have some time to sit around and shoot the breeze. Then Saturday, we drive away. We will arrive in Chicago where we will get a hotel room and grab dinner with my friend Steve Matchett, Watchmaker Extraordinaire. Then Sunday morning we hit the road again and arrive in Ohio Sunday afternoon/evening and my new life begins after a good night's sleep.

So many strong feelings wrapped up in a short list of facts.


Kristy said...

I love you ... so much. And I'm still cheering you on. You are so courageous and amazing!

anne said...

thanks for having me over on monday. i'll miss you lots, but am definitely interested in that road trip. thanks for being you.

(i have something i wanted to give you before you leave but i don't think it will be ready - look for something fun in the mail)

Melissa Shaffer said...

You could go visit Daniel @ Wheaton if you need a longer break in Chicago. I'm looking forward to seeing you!