Thursday, August 29, 2013

It hasn't all been roses...

So I'm definitely still figuring out this biking life.

 Such as... Our apartment complex has a rule that nothing can be left sitting outside your apartment. So I've been carrying my heavy bike up and down two flights of stairs multiple times a day, walking past the bicycles others leave outside, mind you. This week, I started locking my bike to the railing between the first and second flights of stairs. Maybe I should talk to the office and see if they'll give me permission to find a place outside to lock up my bike. Cuz half the time, I get grease on my clothes from holding my bicycle at that stairs-angle. Which is super-irritating.

 Specialist doctor appointments. I had an MRI scheduled a few weeks ago, and it was quite a hike to the place I needed to be. And then later another trip to pick up the results so I could bring them to a second appt. Then it turned out that the second doctor had already received them from the imaging place. Why did they ask me to bring them if they already had them? It was a major trip.

 When you need one kind of over-the-counter medicine. Now. From the drug store several miles down the road. I am becoming more picky about what deserves a special excursion! In this instance, an ice pack sufficed and I seem to be surviving, but the ice pack wasn't quite as good as the real thing.

 Giving people rides. I got a lot of pleasure from being able to offer these. Except I can't now. Include with this the ability to go be with someone if they need me at a moment's notice. For a visit, a backrub, dropping by to see how they're doing, etc. Now I'm the one getting rides (most people are very kind and offer to give me a lift to group's amazing how many of us are going the same direction), and as for dropping by someone's house? It just takes more time now if I wanted to do it. Time I have to budget more carefully.

 And last but probably most significantly, spending money. I haven't been doing much of that. Because I'm not driving past every fast food joint and retail store out there! If it is important, I work it into my schedule. There are very few impulse purchases, which has annoyed me those times I was feeling impulsive and there was no store around to buy something from!

 Adjustments. These are adjustments. The thing about adjustments is that they involve adapting to a new circumstance. So no, things are not the same as before. I am having to make some changes. Sometimes I feel grumpy about them.

 And then I poke my rock-hard quads and treat someone to lunch with the money I'm saving and feel a lot better. :)

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Amy T said...

Love this...and for someone who would "never get on a bike again" you are amazing! You go, girl. And don't forget to register your legs as LETHAL WEAPONS! Love you, Amy