Friday, September 06, 2013

Oh dear...

So yesterday, in spite of all my dave-ramsey ninja-like budgeting, I got online to look at my bank account and realized I was right-at-that-very-moment going into overdraft.  The transaction that was going to do it was pending.  It was 5pm.


Crap crap crap!

How did this happen?

It doesn't matter how it happened.  It is happenING.  And it must be fixed before overdraft bombs start dropping out of the sky the way you know they do.


I ran to my secret hiding spot where I keep my emergency fund, stuffed it into my bag, and wished I had a car.

Nothing happened.

So I ran to my bike and we raced 2.2 miles to PNC and deposited most of said emergency fund.  Let me say, the way I would have driven would have been much more satisfying than the oomph-y bike pedaling I was doing.

Crisis averted, I plopped onto the grass behind the bank and played a few games of Ruzzle on my phone, and watched the sun begin to set.

And then went to the store and bought...a beverage.

And biked home, having burned 167 unplanned calories.  Take that.

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Becky said...

way to be on top of things!