Monday, February 07, 2005

Okay, more on remaining.

Remember how I was trying to figure out how to remain in God, and then with the help of my friend and Chuck Swindoll I realized that God is everywhere? That was so great to learn. After that, it was like I was wading around in God's love for like a week. Everything I did, I felt His love pouring over me. was way cool.

But I think there's more. More, I mean, than just Me receiving love. What about me giving? How does somebody (like me, for example) love people? Another verse in John 15 says that there is no greater love than to lay your life down for someone else. But I can only die once. I'm gonna ponder this one.


Anonymous said...

Hey Henni!!! I found you!'s been so so long....I found something that reminded me of you the other was all of our jokes from highschool..we need to read it together sometime because I can't remember some of them! love you!

melissa said...

Love shows itself in so many different ways: tolerance of the annoying or rude, kind gestures you know will never be returned, going out of your way for someone who needs it, giving of yourself and humbling yourself. But don't forget to love yourself and recieve love or you will have nothing to give!!!!