Friday, May 19, 2006

Alright, so I hear I've been tagged by Emily so here goes:

Six Lesser-Known Facts About Jenni

1) My shoe size used to be a 10...but I got out of the hospital in July 2003, and it'd been a 9 ever since.

2) I just bought a new watch and I love it! (see photo, left)

3) If I'm at the store with you and I notice that I'm not sure where you are, I immediately cannot concentrate on what I'm looking for until I know where you've gone, and that you'll stay there or at least tell me where you're going if you leave again.

4) I weigh 156.6 pounds per Dr. Kolacz as of Thurday at my physical (*whine*)

5) I"m the daughter of one of the most amazing women ever.

6) Yesterday I was at my First Responder class and was leaning back in my chair against the table behind me (yes, I know, we covered chair positions in second grade...) and all of a sudden that table slid back (how was I to know it was on wheels???) and I took an ungraceful dump onto the floor in front of three police officers, four Federal Reserve officers, a couple of security guards and several EMT's. It was fantastically embarrassing.

Katie, Becky, Melissa, and Kristy, you've been tagged!


Emily said...

Classic. :) Good response. hhehe And what I wouldn't give to have your number 4 be mine.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, the mystery of the shrinking shoe-size! I bet I know what happened, your foot got smaller!
I like your watch.
3)Sounds like you should stay out of stores, they cause your money to disappear anyways.
6)Sounds Horrid, but did they laugh or act concerned?

Emily said...

I would have laughed. ;)

melissa said...

oh embarrassing moments...I feel less stupid each time I tell them, yet telling them is the only way to get over it.

Emily said...

so, if you went to bibliophil, what's your username?