Friday, May 26, 2006

How to describe the last few weeks. Things haven't been BUSY so much as they've been...consuming. I don't have so many more things to do, it's just that the things I do have scheduled seem to swallow up the day. Before I know it, three days have gone by and I"m not quite sure what I've been doing. Very weird.

Got results back from the blood work they did at my physical. My cholesterol is 166...does that number mean anything to anyone out there? Cuz it's just a number to me.

Also, it's hot here today! I think it's only 80, but it's been muggy too. The weather people are forecasting 90 for Sunday...gross, gross, gross! Good thing my apt has A/C.

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Anonymous said...

I heard from a reliable source that 200 is the number to stay away from so I think you are good. Of course you are good!
Or are you?