Monday, May 29, 2006

i'm very excited about going home in 14 days for my mom's college graduation. I was talking about it today at work with a coworker who finished high school right before her oldest son did, and I've decided that people who go back to school and get diplomas after starting and raising families are my heroes. To put aside all excuses and pursue an education when no one would blame you for not doing something to be proud of.

did I tell you I get to go home for it? I've very excited about that part. It's been six months since I've seen anyone in my family!


Anonymous said...

Jenni, Isn't it really 11 days?
14 days would be the 12th, right?

Becky said...

jenni im very excited that you are going to be coming soon!
i cant wait.
and theeeen 1 week after you go back to MN you will fly to myrtle beach for vacation! yay!!

melissa said...

I totally agree. I brag about my mom all the time. She is amazing.

Emily said...

I'm proud of your mom, too. she's so cool. GO MOM. :)

Karen said...

Jenni thanks for coming to my graduation and party and thank you for the great presents. It went by way too quick and I can't wait till Saturday!
Love ya!